The Island Of Korčula


Korčula is Croatia’s hidden gem.

From our first stop in Vella Luka my dad and I took a bus to the Old City Of Korčula where we spent the remainder of our weekend. There we met our new Croatian friends, Marco and his family. We stayed in one of their apartments called the “Apartments Blue House”.  Because we were their guests, Marco and his parents treated us like royalty! During the day they chartered us around in their personal boat and took us to the secluded island of Badija, which was the highlight of our weekend! There we laid out in the warm sun, drank Croatian beer, and swam around in the turquoise water of the Andriatic Sea. I can now say my life is complete.We also spent some time wandering around The Old City. I fell in love with the  towns beautifully designed buildings, narrow stone streets and gorgeous red-roofed houses.

IMG_3951{Korčula, Croatia}IMGP0069{Badija Island}IMG_3875{The Old City Of  Korčula}IMG_3962{A Franciscan Monastery built in 14th century}IMG_3953{Would love to have a teal boat just like this one}IMG_3872{Medieval Korčula}IMG_3886{Beautiful Croatia!}IMG_7465{Alley ways of Korčula}IMG_3876{A medieval tower remade into a bar.. so cool!}IMG_7477{Harbor}IMG_7470{Window views of the city}IMG_3889{The Cathedral of St Mark}IMG_3912{Climbed to the top of the cathedral’s bell tower!}IMG_3909{Views from high places}IMG_3905{The Cathedral of St Mark’s Bell Tower}
IMG_3907{Croatia, you are perfection}IMG_3921{Window views}IMG_3902{My dad and I}IMG_3910


4 thoughts on “The Island Of Korčula

  1. My family historically is from Korčula, and last year I finally was able to visit – what a spectacular place! I’m glad to see other travelers enjoying the island, and all of Croatia!

    • It was an amazing time! I suggest you buy a ticket now and spend a whole month there! There is so much to do and see, 8 days was not enough. I left today and I’m already wanting to go back!

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