Dubrovnik, Part 1.

IMG_4003{Room with a view}

Ending  my summer abroad in Dubrovnik was one me and my dad’s better ideas.

The memories I made during the final leg of our trip to Croatia will last me a lifetime… from walking the ancient city walls… swimming in the salty but warm Adriatic Sea.. laying on the white pebble beaches of Banje, my dad’s cliff jumping experience, kayaking around Lokrum Island.. It was truly the trip of a lifetime. Here is a photo diary from my three days exploring Dubrovnik, Croatia:

IMG_4053{Old City of Dubrovnik, Croatia}IMG_4070{Banje Beach}IMG_4073{Pretty fleurs}IMG_4061{Cool design}IMG_4077{Entrance to the Old City}IMG_4023{Quiet streets}IMG_4057{Part of the city walls}
IMG_4040{Eating Gelato all summer long 🙂 }IMG_4055IMG_4074{Dubrovnik at sunset}IMG_4139{Gorgeous red-roofed houses}IMG_4254{So many cats everywhere!}IMG_4268{View from Fort Lovrijenac}IMG_4145{So in love with this place}IMGP0232{The beginning of our kayak adventure}IMG_4130{We went around Lokrum Island…}IMG_4306{And ended at this cave}IMG_4247{Street art}IMGP0270{Racked up a $70 beer tab.. It’s okay, we are on vacation}Untitled design{Dad jumped off this rock!}IMGP0276{This cliff side bar had awesome views}


6 thoughts on “Dubrovnik, Part 1.

  1. Holy smokes.. you had me at “Dubrovnik”. Those photos look amazing! I bet it was a trip of a lifetime! My father’s always been talking about visiting this place. Time for me to set the wheels in motion!

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