Have you ever visited a place and just thought.. wow, I could really live here.

That’s exactly how I felt about Amsterdam. Everything from the architecture to the cheese, I was in love. My visit to Amsterdam was on for the books. The city itself is not only beautiful but it was so full of life- that also could have been influenced by the gay pride festival going on all weekend. Let’s just say I clearly picked the right weekend to visit! There was so much going on in the city and it  was unlike anything I have ever experienced! My highlights from this trip included touring the infamous red light district, walking beside the canals in the neighborhood of Jordaan, popping into a few coffeeshops, browsing through the floating flower market and participating in all of the gay pride festivities going on throughout the city.

Amsterdam definitely made my top 3 favorite places ever list. I will definitely be making my way back to the Netherlands sometime soon. Afscheid Amsterdam 🙂

IMG_3643IMG_3590{Dam Square}IMG_7219{I want to ride my bicycle!}IMG_3628{Hanging flowers}Processed with VSCOcam with s1 preset{Flowers at the Floating Flower Market}IMG_3638{Cheese tasting was definitely on the agenda}IMG_7349{LOVED Amsterdam’s architecture}IMG_3624{The Floating Flower Market}IMG_3635{Wishing I would’ve picked up a pair of these 😉 }IMG_3641{The Floating Flower Market}IMG_3639{Gorgeous blooms}IMG_3644{A highlight of my trip was walking beside the beautiful canals}IMG_3606{Popped into a sex museum for some entertainment}IMG_3650{A beautiful hidden neighborhood we stumbled upon}IMG_3646{Taking a break with some Dutch brews}IMG_3632{Fleurs}Processed with VSCOcam with s1 preset{Canal chillin’}IMG_7232{Rasta flavored lolly pop}IMG_3648{Walking around the Red Light District}IMG_3607{The Red Light District}IMG_7145{Red Light District’s Canal}IMG_3659{Here you can see some red lights *prostitutes not pictured*}IMG_3664{Amsterdam’s largest coffeeshop chain}IMG_7159{A music festival for gay pride weekend}IMG_3621{so.much.cheese!}IMG_3732{Found love}IMG_3719{A parade floating down the canal}IMG_3721{Gay pride festivities!}IMG_3738{Gay pride festivities!}
IMG_3718{Christy, Taylor and I}IMG_3716{View from the water on our canal tour}
IMG_3750{The neighborhood of Jordaan}IMG_3754{Walking around the neighborhood of Jordaan}IMG_7259{Picture perfect}Processed with VSCOcam with s3 preset{Iconic signage- I[AMSTERDAM]}
IMG_7272{Celebrating Taylor’s 21st in our posh Airbnb apartment}Processed with VSCOcam with s1 preset{Toasting to a fantastic weekend}IMG_3773


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