Split, Croatia


A few days have passed and I am already longing to go back to Croatia. I miss the beach, sea, and the warm Mediterranean nights. The last day of mine and my dad’s eight day croatian vacation was spent in the city of Split. Before we flew back to Torino, we woke up extra early and explored the old town before the crowds bustled in. Split’s old town was just as gorgeous as any of the other cities we had visited in Croatia. The old town was is rich in history, filled with beautiful architecture, culture and bustling with life. Hopefully it won’t be too long until I see this side of the Mediterranean again…

IMG_4379{Diocletian’s Palace}IMG_4380{Charming Croatia}IMG_4365{Diocletian’s Palace}IMG_4384{The bell tower in central-historical Split}IMG_4386{Lovely apartments}IMG_4367{Diocletian’s Palace}IMG_4397{Second entrance to the Gold Gate}IMGP0338{So many feral cats in Croatia!}IMG_4394{The Gold Gate, main entrance into the city}IMG_4410{Split’s waterfront}IMGP0324{Diocletian’s Palace}IMGP0339{Ancient city walls}IMG_4352


Dubrovnik, Part 2.

IMG_4245{Main Street of Dubrovnik}

No visit to Dubrovnik would be complete without walking the Ancient City Walls! The views overlooking the town and the sea were absolutely breathtaking! Mine and my Dad’s leisurely walk along the walls was definitely a highlight of our stay in Dubrovnik. I’m missing this beautiful city already!

IMGP0127{Walking the Ancient City Walls!}IMG_4121{Spectacular views}IMG_4140{Beautiful, sunny day}IMG_4155{Views of Old Town}IMGP0142{Lots of stairs to climb}IMGP0132{Dubrovnik, Croatia}IMG_4184{Beautifully designed buildings}IMG_4206{Views of Old Town}IMG_4156{Views of Old Town}
IMG_4123{Beautiful Dubrovnik}
IMG_4127{Dad and me!}IMG_4289{View from Fort Lovrijenac}IMG_4285{Cool hallway}IMG_4282

Dubrovnik, Part 1.

IMG_4003{Room with a view}

Ending  my summer abroad in Dubrovnik was one me and my dad’s better ideas.

The memories I made during the final leg of our trip to Croatia will last me a lifetime… from walking the ancient city walls… swimming in the salty but warm Adriatic Sea.. laying on the white pebble beaches of Banje, my dad’s cliff jumping experience, kayaking around Lokrum Island.. It was truly the trip of a lifetime. Here is a photo diary from my three days exploring Dubrovnik, Croatia:

IMG_4053{Old City of Dubrovnik, Croatia}IMG_4070{Banje Beach}IMG_4073{Pretty fleurs}IMG_4061{Cool design}IMG_4077{Entrance to the Old City}IMG_4023{Quiet streets}IMG_4057{Part of the city walls}
IMG_4040{Eating Gelato all summer long 🙂 }IMG_4055IMG_4074{Dubrovnik at sunset}IMG_4139{Gorgeous red-roofed houses}IMG_4254{So many cats everywhere!}IMG_4268{View from Fort Lovrijenac}IMG_4145{So in love with this place}IMGP0232{The beginning of our kayak adventure}IMG_4130{We went around Lokrum Island…}IMG_4306{And ended at this cave}IMG_4247{Street art}IMGP0270{Racked up a $70 beer tab.. It’s okay, we are on vacation}Untitled design{Dad jumped off this rock!}IMGP0276{This cliff side bar had awesome views}

The Island Of Korčula


Korčula is Croatia’s hidden gem.

From our first stop in Vella Luka my dad and I took a bus to the Old City Of Korčula where we spent the remainder of our weekend. There we met our new Croatian friends, Marco and his family. We stayed in one of their apartments called the “Apartments Blue House”.  Because we were their guests, Marco and his parents treated us like royalty! During the day they chartered us around in their personal boat and took us to the secluded island of Badija, which was the highlight of our weekend! There we laid out in the warm sun, drank Croatian beer, and swam around in the turquoise water of the Andriatic Sea. I can now say my life is complete.We also spent some time wandering around The Old City. I fell in love with the  towns beautifully designed buildings, narrow stone streets and gorgeous red-roofed houses.

IMG_3951{Korčula, Croatia}IMGP0069{Badija Island}IMG_3875{The Old City Of  Korčula}IMG_3962{A Franciscan Monastery built in 14th century}IMG_3953{Would love to have a teal boat just like this one}IMG_3872{Medieval Korčula}IMG_3886{Beautiful Croatia!}IMG_7465{Alley ways of Korčula}IMG_3876{A medieval tower remade into a bar.. so cool!}IMG_7477{Harbor}IMG_7470{Window views of the city}IMG_3889{The Cathedral of St Mark}IMG_3912{Climbed to the top of the cathedral’s bell tower!}IMG_3909{Views from high places}IMG_3905{The Cathedral of St Mark’s Bell Tower}
IMG_3907{Croatia, you are perfection}IMG_3921{Window views}IMG_3902{My dad and I}IMG_3910

Croatian Vacation

IMG_3793{Croatian Vacation}

Friday marked the first day of my post-study abroad travel with my dad, and let’s just say so far it’s been an adventure. From almost missing our flight to Split (completely my fault), to randomly getting on the first ferry to the island of Korčula and ending up in the town of Vella Luka. I couldn’t be happier with how our trip is going. Here are some highlights from the first two days of our 8 day “Croatian Vacation!” 🙂

IMG_3786{Waiting for our Ferry to Korčula with our new favorite beer}IMG_3794{Split ferry port}IMGP0013{Dad loves Croatia already!}
IMG_3820{Mapping out our trip}IMG_7424{Our ferry ride was just a tad windy!}
IMG_3839{Sunsets are prettier over the Adriatic Sea}IMG_3846{Goodmorning from Vella Luka!}IMG_3843{Shrines are set up alongside the coast for fisherman to pray at when bad weather hits}IMG_3861{Port of Vella Luka}IMG_3852{Pretty villas lining the streets}IMG_3854{A lovely church we passed by}IMG_3859{Our mode of transportation}

Endless Summer


Why do the summer months pass by so quickly?! It seems like just yesterday I flew into the Torino airport to begin my study abroad journey and now I am down to my final week here! These past 10 weeks have gone by in a flash. My study abroad program ends on Friday and (lucky me) I get to to end my summer with one last exciting adventure: Croatia.

My Dad is flying over Thursday afternoon (Yay!) and we will begin our journey exploring the Croatian coast on Friday! Some places we hope to hit are Split, Dubrovnik, Hvar, Korcula, Pelijesac, Mjljet and maybe pop over to Bosnia for a day. We aren’t planning anything (hotels, transportation, etc.) so we have the freedom to do what we want, whenever we went!

I can hardly contain my excitement!! Looking through pictures makes me have a serious case of wanderlust for this place. I cannot wait to experience all it’s beauty for myself.

On a side note: If you have traveled to Croatia before I would love any can’t-miss spots or recommendations of places to go/things to see. 🙂

9d0e8746a039b43896eb1135ee0333f5{Krka National Park}
dbb6ca661ab5e7f3522d9be20a49049b{Beach, sun, sand..}f7d5f0a740a17f43ac1fc222feb0a11e{Korcula}