Split, Croatia


A few days have passed and I am already longing to go back to Croatia. I miss the beach, sea, and the warm Mediterranean nights. The last day of mine and my dad’s eight day croatian vacation was spent in the city of Split. Before we flew back to Torino, we woke up extra early and explored the old town before the crowds bustled in. Split’s old town was just as gorgeous as any of the other cities we had visited in Croatia. The old town was is rich in history, filled with beautiful architecture, culture and bustling with life. Hopefully it won’t be too long until I see this side of the Mediterranean again…

IMG_4379{Diocletian’s Palace}IMG_4380{Charming Croatia}IMG_4365{Diocletian’s Palace}IMG_4384{The bell tower in central-historical Split}IMG_4386{Lovely apartments}IMG_4367{Diocletian’s Palace}IMG_4397{Second entrance to the Gold Gate}IMGP0338{So many feral cats in Croatia!}IMG_4394{The Gold Gate, main entrance into the city}IMG_4410{Split’s waterfront}IMGP0324{Diocletian’s Palace}IMGP0339{Ancient city walls}IMG_4352


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