Why did I wake up at 2 am to catch a bus to the airport for the second week in a row?? Because this time I am going to Munich! The land of beer and pretzels bigger than your face. My weekend in Deutschland made it clear that I will most definitely be making a trip back in the near future.

One of the reasons why Melissa and me decided to visit Munich was for the location. We had so much to do each day! During the two full days we were there, we made day trips to The Dachau Concentration Camp and Neuschwanstein’s Castle. Both sites I have wanted to visit for the longest time and I am so happy we had time to do both! After our day trips we would spend our evenings walking around Munich’s city center Marienplatz, and would find ourselves ending our nights at Hofbräuhaus (one of Munich’s largest beer gardens) drinking massive beers and eating an obscene amounts of pretzels. (Literally obscene, I was in food heaven.)

One of the things that made our trip so memorable was the people we met! On our second evening in Munich, Me and Melissa were having an enjoyable evening of bratwurst and beers at one of Munich’s beer halls when a group of lederhosen dressed men asked if they could join our table. They turned out to a group of locals from Cologne and we ended up having the best time with them! They taught us German drinking songs, German words, and traditional German dances. We called it a night of American- German friendship! It was a trip for the books! I can’t wait to come back and visit Germany again. Maybe next time for Oktoberfest?? Who knows! Prost! (Translation: Cheers!)

IMG_6824{Hofbräuhaus}IMG_3404{The lovely Hofgarten tempel}
IMG_6791{Dachau Concentration Camp}IMG_3430{Visiting Dachau was a truly humbling experience, impossible to put into words}IMG_3426{Grave of many thousands unknown}IMG_3418{Dachau Concentration Camp}IMG_3442{A memorial statue}IMG_3438{Dachau Concentration Camp}
IMG_3482{Munich’s city center Marienplatz}IMG_3450{Pretty homes in Munich}IMG_3451{Englischer Garten}IMG_3471{The ducks posed for me!}IMG_6815{Random surfing on the river in Englischers Garten}IMG_3507{Hiking our way up to Neuschwanstein!}IMG_3551{The town of Hohenschwangau}IMG_6868{Neuschwanstein’s Castle}IMG_6878{Neuschwanstein’s Castle}IMG_3535{The view below us.. Yikes!}IMG_6904{Neuschwanstein’s Castle}IMG_3540


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