Croatian Vacation

IMG_3793{Croatian Vacation}

Friday marked the first day of my post-study abroad travel with my dad, and let’s just say so far it’s been an adventure. From almost missing our flight to Split (completely my fault), to randomly getting on the first ferry to the island of Korčula and ending up in the town of Vella Luka. I couldn’t be happier with how our trip is going. Here are some highlights from the first two days of our 8 day “Croatian Vacation!” 🙂

IMG_3786{Waiting for our Ferry to Korčula with our new favorite beer}IMG_3794{Split ferry port}IMGP0013{Dad loves Croatia already!}
IMG_3820{Mapping out our trip}IMG_7424{Our ferry ride was just a tad windy!}
IMG_3839{Sunsets are prettier over the Adriatic Sea}IMG_3846{Goodmorning from Vella Luka!}IMG_3843{Shrines are set up alongside the coast for fisherman to pray at when bad weather hits}IMG_3861{Port of Vella Luka}IMG_3852{Pretty villas lining the streets}IMG_3854{A lovely church we passed by}IMG_3859{Our mode of transportation}


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