One Last Adventure In Torino



After flying back to the US and getting back in the swing of life in California, I have completely fallen behind on my last couple blog posts from my summer abroad! So to catch up where I left off..

After me and my dad flew back to Torino from Croatia, we had one more full day left in Italy until we were scheduled to fly home. We decided to take a train about 30 minutes out of Torino to an incredible monastery on top of a mountain known as Saint Michael’s Abbey. The grueling hike to the top of the mountain took an hour and a half. After we reached the top we met a new friend named Fillipo. Meeting Filipo was the highlight of our day. He loved practicing his English with me and my dad so he gave us a personal tour of the monastery and another castle down the hill. He shared  history behind the building and all kinds of fun random facts about living in Torino. Meeting Fillipo is a memory I will never forget!

IMG_4513{The beginnging of our climb}
IMG_4428{Trails}IMG_4439{Absolutely incredible views!}IMG_4434 {Ruins of the monastary}IMG_4457{One last adventure in Torino}IMG_4466{One last adventure in Torino}
IMG_4472{Zodiac Arch}IMG_4444{Saint Michael’s Abbey}IMG_4460 {Wanderlust}IMG_4471 {Zodiac Arch}IMGP0401{My Dad and I}IMG_4481{Butterfly arches}IMG_4487{The ruins of St. Michaels Abbey}IMG_4494{My dad and Fillipo pointing to where we will visit next time we visit!}IMG_4505{St. Micheal’s Abbey}IMGP0409


Split, Croatia


A few days have passed and I am already longing to go back to Croatia. I miss the beach, sea, and the warm Mediterranean nights. The last day of mine and my dad’s eight day croatian vacation was spent in the city of Split. Before we flew back to Torino, we woke up extra early and explored the old town before the crowds bustled in. Split’s old town was just as gorgeous as any of the other cities we had visited in Croatia. The old town was is rich in history, filled with beautiful architecture, culture and bustling with life. Hopefully it won’t be too long until I see this side of the Mediterranean again…

IMG_4379{Diocletian’s Palace}IMG_4380{Charming Croatia}IMG_4365{Diocletian’s Palace}IMG_4384{The bell tower in central-historical Split}IMG_4386{Lovely apartments}IMG_4367{Diocletian’s Palace}IMG_4397{Second entrance to the Gold Gate}IMGP0338{So many feral cats in Croatia!}IMG_4394{The Gold Gate, main entrance into the city}IMG_4410{Split’s waterfront}IMGP0324{Diocletian’s Palace}IMGP0339{Ancient city walls}IMG_4352

Dubrovnik, Part 2.

IMG_4245{Main Street of Dubrovnik}

No visit to Dubrovnik would be complete without walking the Ancient City Walls! The views overlooking the town and the sea were absolutely breathtaking! Mine and my Dad’s leisurely walk along the walls was definitely a highlight of our stay in Dubrovnik. I’m missing this beautiful city already!

IMGP0127{Walking the Ancient City Walls!}IMG_4121{Spectacular views}IMG_4140{Beautiful, sunny day}IMG_4155{Views of Old Town}IMGP0142{Lots of stairs to climb}IMGP0132{Dubrovnik, Croatia}IMG_4184{Beautifully designed buildings}IMG_4206{Views of Old Town}IMG_4156{Views of Old Town}
IMG_4123{Beautiful Dubrovnik}
IMG_4127{Dad and me!}IMG_4289{View from Fort Lovrijenac}IMG_4285{Cool hallway}IMG_4282

Dubrovnik, Part 1.

IMG_4003{Room with a view}

Ending  my summer abroad in Dubrovnik was one me and my dad’s better ideas.

The memories I made during the final leg of our trip to Croatia will last me a lifetime… from walking the ancient city walls… swimming in the salty but warm Adriatic Sea.. laying on the white pebble beaches of Banje, my dad’s cliff jumping experience, kayaking around Lokrum Island.. It was truly the trip of a lifetime. Here is a photo diary from my three days exploring Dubrovnik, Croatia:

IMG_4053{Old City of Dubrovnik, Croatia}IMG_4070{Banje Beach}IMG_4073{Pretty fleurs}IMG_4061{Cool design}IMG_4077{Entrance to the Old City}IMG_4023{Quiet streets}IMG_4057{Part of the city walls}
IMG_4040{Eating Gelato all summer long 🙂 }IMG_4055IMG_4074{Dubrovnik at sunset}IMG_4139{Gorgeous red-roofed houses}IMG_4254{So many cats everywhere!}IMG_4268{View from Fort Lovrijenac}IMG_4145{So in love with this place}IMGP0232{The beginning of our kayak adventure}IMG_4130{We went around Lokrum Island…}IMG_4306{And ended at this cave}IMG_4247{Street art}IMGP0270{Racked up a $70 beer tab.. It’s okay, we are on vacation}Untitled design{Dad jumped off this rock!}IMGP0276{This cliff side bar had awesome views}



Have you ever visited a place and just thought.. wow, I could really live here.

That’s exactly how I felt about Amsterdam. Everything from the architecture to the cheese, I was in love. My visit to Amsterdam was on for the books. The city itself is not only beautiful but it was so full of life- that also could have been influenced by the gay pride festival going on all weekend. Let’s just say I clearly picked the right weekend to visit! There was so much going on in the city and it  was unlike anything I have ever experienced! My highlights from this trip included touring the infamous red light district, walking beside the canals in the neighborhood of Jordaan, popping into a few coffeeshops, browsing through the floating flower market and participating in all of the gay pride festivities going on throughout the city.

Amsterdam definitely made my top 3 favorite places ever list. I will definitely be making my way back to the Netherlands sometime soon. Afscheid Amsterdam 🙂

IMG_3643IMG_3590{Dam Square}IMG_7219{I want to ride my bicycle!}IMG_3628{Hanging flowers}Processed with VSCOcam with s1 preset{Flowers at the Floating Flower Market}IMG_3638{Cheese tasting was definitely on the agenda}IMG_7349{LOVED Amsterdam’s architecture}IMG_3624{The Floating Flower Market}IMG_3635{Wishing I would’ve picked up a pair of these 😉 }IMG_3641{The Floating Flower Market}IMG_3639{Gorgeous blooms}IMG_3644{A highlight of my trip was walking beside the beautiful canals}IMG_3606{Popped into a sex museum for some entertainment}IMG_3650{A beautiful hidden neighborhood we stumbled upon}IMG_3646{Taking a break with some Dutch brews}IMG_3632{Fleurs}Processed with VSCOcam with s1 preset{Canal chillin’}IMG_7232{Rasta flavored lolly pop}IMG_3648{Walking around the Red Light District}IMG_3607{The Red Light District}IMG_7145{Red Light District’s Canal}IMG_3659{Here you can see some red lights *prostitutes not pictured*}IMG_3664{Amsterdam’s largest coffeeshop chain}IMG_7159{A music festival for gay pride weekend}IMG_3621{so.much.cheese!}IMG_3732{Found love}IMG_3719{A parade floating down the canal}IMG_3721{Gay pride festivities!}IMG_3738{Gay pride festivities!}
IMG_3718{Christy, Taylor and I}IMG_3716{View from the water on our canal tour}
IMG_3750{The neighborhood of Jordaan}IMG_3754{Walking around the neighborhood of Jordaan}IMG_7259{Picture perfect}Processed with VSCOcam with s3 preset{Iconic signage- I[AMSTERDAM]}
IMG_7272{Celebrating Taylor’s 21st in our posh Airbnb apartment}Processed with VSCOcam with s1 preset{Toasting to a fantastic weekend}IMG_3773

Endless Summer


Why do the summer months pass by so quickly?! It seems like just yesterday I flew into the Torino airport to begin my study abroad journey and now I am down to my final week here! These past 10 weeks have gone by in a flash. My study abroad program ends on Friday and (lucky me) I get to to end my summer with one last exciting adventure: Croatia.

My Dad is flying over Thursday afternoon (Yay!) and we will begin our journey exploring the Croatian coast on Friday! Some places we hope to hit are Split, Dubrovnik, Hvar, Korcula, Pelijesac, Mjljet and maybe pop over to Bosnia for a day. We aren’t planning anything (hotels, transportation, etc.) so we have the freedom to do what we want, whenever we went!

I can hardly contain my excitement!! Looking through pictures makes me have a serious case of wanderlust for this place. I cannot wait to experience all it’s beauty for myself.

On a side note: If you have traveled to Croatia before I would love any can’t-miss spots or recommendations of places to go/things to see. 🙂

9d0e8746a039b43896eb1135ee0333f5{Krka National Park}
dbb6ca661ab5e7f3522d9be20a49049b{Beach, sun, sand..}f7d5f0a740a17f43ac1fc222feb0a11e{Korcula}



If you would have asked me at the beginning of the summer what cities I wanted to visit when I studied abroad, Budapest probably wouldn’t have been first on my list. But after three full days exploring the city I quickly discovered how beautiful, friendly, cultured, and not to mention inexpensive Budapest was! How did we decide to go to Budapest? Truthfully, it was the cheapest flight we could get at the last minute. We flew out Thursday morning and about an hour later we were in Hungary!

Me, my roommate Taylor and our friend Becky spent our first two days in Budapest walking miles around the city, checking out the famous sites and learning all about Budapest’s rich history. We joined a free walking tour where we were taken to sites around the city like the Chain Bridge, Castle Hill, and St. Stephen’s Basilica. After our tour we were given us a whole list of sites to see on our own, bars to go out to and restaurants to eat at in Budapest. I loved having the local suggestions! We took our guide up on one of her suggestions, and went out with a big group of people from our hostel to the 3rd best bar in the world, Szimpla Kert! According to which list I am not sure, but I believe them. The bar was huge and kind of reminded me of Madison Bear Garden in Chico, California because of all the random objects hanging from the ceilings and walls.

Our last and final day in Budapest was my favorite. We spent all day lounging around the Széchenyi Thermal Baths. It felt like a luxury resort! A day full of rest and relaxation was the perfect way to end an action packed weekend.

Until next time Budapest!

IMG_3110{Climbing up Gellert Hill}
IMG_3119{View of Castle Hill}IMG_3135{Lions guarding the Chain Bridge}IMG_3136{A traditional Hungarian dish: Goulash}IMG_6349{Our hostel- which I would recommend to anyone traveling to Budapest!}IMG_6421{Suite Hostel}IMG_3142{Buda Castle}IMG_3149{A random Ferris Wheel}IMG_6406{St. Stephen’s Basilica from a distance} IMG_3175{The Chain Bridge}IMG_6410{Overlooking the Pest side of the city}IMG_3202{Castle Hill}IMG_3203{Armed guards guarding the President’s office}IMG_3207{Matthias Church}IMG_3220{Yet another picture of the Chain Bridge, I couldn’t just pick one! 🙂 }IMG_3234{Budapest sunset}IMG_3258{Hungarian Parliament Building} IMG_3315{BUDAPEST}IMG_6465{Inside Szimpla Kert..”3rd best bar in the world!”}IMG_6398{We leave Italy and we still get croissants and cappuccinos for breakfast 😉 }IMG_3275{Heroe’s Square}IMG_6500{The Széchenyi Thermal Baths!}IMG_6638{Embracing my inner mermaid!}IMG_6657{The Széchenyi Thermal Baths}IMG_6668