Milan In A Day

IMG_6291{“Milan, Fashion Capital of the world!” –Tyra Banks}

Sunday afternoon me, my roommate Taylor and her three European friends who had came to visit, embarked on a fulfilling day trip to the fashion capital of the world: MILANO! It was such a fun day! Michelle, Manchester and LA had rented a car to get from San Tropez to Torino, so we stuffed 5 people into our 4 person clown car, a red Fiat 500, and began our journey! It took us a little over an hour and thirty minutes to get from Torino to Milan on the motorway. When we arrived we stopped to check out all the top fashion houses and payed a visit to the infamous Duomo di Milano. We even decided to be “fancy” like the fashionable citizens of Milan and buy overpriced coffees (4.50 Euros for Cappuccino?! Absolutely outrageous, but only in Milan would I pay that much to be fashionable). It was a successful day! We saw everything we wanted to see and made it back to Torino in one piece. My favorite part of the day though was spending time with Taylor’s European friends and learning more about their country, culture, and the funny words they use. They were a fun “crack!” (aka a fun time in Irish).

Thanks for reading  🙂 Ciao!

IMG_3082{Navigating the streets of Italy} {Duomo di Milano}IMG_3055{The entrance to the Galeria Vittorio Emanuel II}IMG_6296{Wanderlust}
IMG_3058{Galeria Vittorio Emanuel II}IMG_3076{Galeria Vittorio Emanuel II}IMG_6283{My 4 euro cappuccino}10353646_10152605061732728_8985684315578627557_n{Window shopping at all the top fashion houses}IMG_3072{Another pretty arch}IMG_3075{Bank of Milan}IMG_3050 {Taylor, Manchester, Michelle, LA, and me!}IMG_3078{Until next time, Milano!}


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