Lake Maggiore

IMG_3009{Welcome to Lago Maggiore!}

Our USAC Session 2 group took a day trip to a beautiful lake in northern Italy called Lago Maggiore. As you know, I love when our USAC advisors plan trips for us because they always to take us to beautiful areas around Italy that we wouldn’t have thought to visit on our own. The lake is located at the south side of the Swiss Alps and it was absolutely stunning! The whole town was covered in hydrangeas, colorful buildings, and adorable cafes. What makes Lago Maggiore special is that it has two islands or should I say gigantic villas, right in the middle of the lake! We had the chance to visit one of the islands, Isola Bella (the beautiful island), and tour the interiors of the villa and its stunning renaissance inspired gardens. It was a wonderful way to spend a Saturday! 🙂

IMG_2944{Still dreaming of this seafood macaroni}IMG_2945{Pastel-colored buildings}IMG_2954{The thing I loved most about Lake Maggiore was it’s abundance of hydrangeas}
IMG_2982{On our boat ride to Isola Bella}IMG_2997{The prettiest of flowers}IMG_3002{My roommate Billie and I}IMG_3007{Before we were asked not to take pictures of the inside of the villa…}IMG_3032{A quick glimpse before leaving}IMG_3029{Isola Bella}IMG_3035{The Renaissance inspired gardens}IMG_3026{Fantastic gardens on the tier below}IMG_3024{Hydrangeas were everywhere!}IMG_3037{This image is a good representation of  the 5 different tiers that make up the garden} IMG_3038


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