Layover In Paris, Part Deux.


IMG_5882{Bonjour Paris}

I know I say this about every city I visit but I’m serious this time, Paris is my new favorite city! These long layovers really don’t do the city justice. We arrived in Paris around 9:30am and had about six hours to spare before we needed to be back at the airport for our flight to Torino. Nicole and I, being pros at Paris’ public transportation by now, hopped on the metro  and began exploring at the Notre Dame de Pairs metro stop. Lucky for us, that stop had a lot of sights that were located very close in vicinity to one another. We visited the Notre Dane Catherderal, the love lock bridge also known as Pont de l’Archeveche, and the outside area of the Louvre Museum. From our layover in Paris I have definitely decided that I want to come back within the next couple weeks to truly experience the city. Until next time Paris, for now I am going home to my cot and tiny apartment in Torino. Ciao xx.

IMG_5863{Notre Dame de Pairs} {I spy the Eiffel Tower!}IMG_5869{Paris Graffiti}IMG_2852{Pont de l’Archeveche}IMG_2880{I spy the Eiffel Tower!}IMG_2869{Gorgeous apartments along the river}IMG_2877{I have a thing for colored doors in foreign countries}IMG_5907{The Louvre Museum}


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