Ireland, Day 3

IMG_5738{Dublin at night}

On our last full day in Ireland, Nicole and I traveled from our hostel in Dublin to the city of Kilkenny through the Wicklow Mountains and ended our day in the medieval village of Glendalough! We were opted to go on a guided tour recommended by the staff at hostel. Our tour wasn’t as awesome as our first tour to the Cliff of Moher, but it was still really enjoyable and interesting to see a new part of Ireland!

We began our tour with a visit to the Dunmore Caves, right outside the city of Kilkenny. The caves are famous for being the site of the worst Viking massacre in Irish history… Yikes! It was really interesting to learn more about the Vikings because they are such a prominent figure in Ireland’s history. We had lunch at the town of Kilkenny where we explored a 12-century castle – it looked like one straight out of a fairy tale! After a very filling lunch we got back on the bus (passed out for about an hour) and woke up when we were in the middle of the Wicklow Mountains! The landscape was so green and beautiful! We were also brought to the countryside where the films PS. I Love You (my favorite!!) and Brave Heart were filmed. We ended our tour at the village of Glendalough. The site used to be a monastery and it has been around since the first century! And what is even more amazing is that it still has complete stone buildings still intact.

When we got back from our tour me and Nicole took our last walk around Dublin and hopped on a bus to go to the airport- where we would be spending the night on two cushy chairs.. the perks of having a flight scheduled for 6 am! Probably not the most comfortable place I have slept, but it is all part of the adventure. Next stop the Paris Airport for another long layover!

IMG_2758{Going down to the caves!}{Dunmore Caves}IMG_2771{Fields of green on our way to the city of Kilkenny}IMG_2776{Kilkenny Castle}IMG_2781{Gardens of the Kilkenny Castle}IMG_2788{Looks straight out of a story book}IMG_2802{Wicklow Mountains}IMG_2819{St. Kevin’s Kitchen}IMG_2817{Glendalough}IMG_2825{Lower lake of Glendalough}


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