Weekly Highlights

IMG_5968{Discovering new places to explore around the city}

June went by in a blur! I cannot believe I have already been living in Torino for seven weeks! It has been so fun for me to document my travel experiences here on my blog. It really puts the big and little moments into perspective for me. I have decided to start a weekly highlights section here to show more of the day to day things I do here in Torino (which will most likely be a lot of pictures of pasta and gelato). Here are some highlights from the first week of July:

IMG_5925{Matching my wines to my accessories 😉 }IMG_5183{The closest thing to the fourth of July I will have here! Fireworks to celebrate the Patron Saint of Torino, San Giovani}IMG_2827{Getting cappuccinos at my favorite cafe downtown}IMG_6045{Getting Aperitivo in Piazza Victorio}

*Apertivo: all you can eat appetizers, all for the price of one alcoholic drink. This is a concept that america needs to get ASAP.Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset{Wandering the streets of Giorgio Bidone}

IMG_5962{A gelato a day 🙂 }IMG_5977{Our favorite restaurant in Torino: Pasta E Basta}IMG_5951{A night out with my new roommates for session two: Taylor, Rachel, and Billie!}


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