The Cliffs Of Moher


For the 4th of July, Nicole and I decided to spend our day traveling to the other side of the country to the Cliffs of Moher! The Cliffs of Moher are located along the western coast of Ireland and are the highest cliffs in Europe! When we arrived, the cliffs were completely covered in fog, but thankfully the wind blew the fog over and we were given incredible views of the ocean waves crashing up against the side of the cliffs. It was amazing! Me and Nicole got really  rebellious and walked really close to the edge, that is a LONG way down! Afterwards we got back on the bus headed to the town called Galloway and ate their famous fish and chips! Nicole and I had a wonderful time.  We got back to our hostel around 8 pm and grabbed some pints of Guinness in the Temple Bar area where we watched the Brazil vs. Colombia game! Not the most patriotic 4th of July but it will be one I will always remember!

IMG_2718 {The Cliffs of Moher}IMG_2720 {The trail to O’Brien’s Tower}IMG_5758{Me and the infamous cliffs}
IMG_2729 {The Cliffs of Moher}IMG_5770{Getting pretty close to the edge!}IMG_2732 {That’s a long way down…}IMG_5799 {Views of the Atlantic}IMG_5804{The sun finally came out at the end of our visit}


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