Touring Dublin

IMG_2566Our first day in Ireland was so fun! We went on a hilarious walking tour that our hostel provided for us. Our guide was so animated and he made something that could be very dry, really entertaining. (Note: If you are traveling and staying in a hostel, check to see if your hostel offers free walking tours. If they do, ALWAYS do it, they’re usually very good)! On our tour we learned all about the main attractions in Dublin, from the Temple Bar area to where the Vikings came in and conquered the city! Ireland is so fascinating and has so much history! Plus all the locals are so nice and they have the best accents in the world, hands down!

After our tour we found a burrito joint (FINALLY). It was no Chipotle, but it was still delicious! (If you follow me on Twitter you know my cravings for burritos and American fast food are so real). Afterwards, we navigated ourselves to the Guinness Storehouse. You could spend hours there looking at all the exhibits and drinking overpriced pints of Guinness! Also, Nicole and I are officially certified Guinness pourers! They have a “Guinness University” where they teach you how to pour the perfect pint of Guinness. After your lesson you take an elevator up to the gravity bar, which is a round glass room on top of the storehouse, where you take in gorgeous views of the city. 🙂

IMG_2838{Our Hostel for the week!}IMG_5668{This place had the best irish coffees!}IMG_2581{Dublin Castle}IMG_2590{Colorful streets of Dublin}IMG_2596{Every window is decorated with gorgeous flowers!}IMG_2602{Irish street art}IMG_2616{Trinity College}IMG_2620{Trinity College}IMG_2629{The sweetest blue door}IMG_2636{St. Stephens Green}IMG_2638{The Temple Bar}IMG_2640{On our way to the Guinness Factory!}IMG_2690{The grand entrance!}IMG_2651{From inside the storehouse}IMG_2676{Being taught the proper way to drink a Guinness}IMG_5747{Step 1 of poruing the perfect pint!}IMG_5692{If I fail at everything else in life, at least I can pour a perfect pint of Guinness}IMG_5744{Me and Nicole at the Gravity Bar}
IMG_5725{View from the top! Cheers!}


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