Layover In Paris, Part 1.

IMG_5639 Having a layover in Paris is always a good idea 🙂

Wednesday morning, Nicole and I embarked on our weeklong Ireland adventure! We flew with Air France, which conveniently enough had a 7 over layover in Paris before our connecting flight to Dublin. So we decided to take advantage of this amazing opportunity and see some of the main sights in the beautiful city of Paris!

Navigating ourselves around the airport and figuring out Paris’ public transportation was a lot trickier than we had anticipated. After getting kicked off the metro, getting on the wrong bus, then getting on the right bus, then having some girl faint on the bus, took a lot more time than we had predicted! We finally reached our first and only destination of the day: The Eiffel Tower. The Eiffel Tower is even more fantastic in person. I hope sometime during my next 6 weeks in Europe I will be able to travel back to Paris and spend an entire weekend exploring the city.

After a 7 long hours of stressing over time and public transportation, we finally made our way back to the airport where our next adventure was about to start! Next stop: Dublin, Ireland. I am so excited to share my escapades around Ireland with you over the next couple days. 🙂 Thanks for reading! xx Riley

IMG_5624{Relaxing in the park}IMG_2558{The Eiffel Tower!}IMG_5647{Next Stop: Dublin, Ireland!!}


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