Exploring Florence

IMG_2517{The view of the Duomo from the top of the bell tower)

Exploring Florence was amazing.. Do I need to say more?

Our first full day in Florence was spent wandering around, discovering the San Lorenzo leather market, and eating gelato before our guided tour of the Tuscany region. We had a blast at the leather market! They had a huge selection of leather purses, wallets and accessories for great prices! My favorite part of my trip was practicing my bartering skills. The key is to act like you really don’t care for it at all and just when you’re about to leave they will offer you a price you can’t refuse! That’s how I snatched up some of my best items: I bought a great black leather bag with the Florentine symbol and a grey floppy hat, which I haven’t taken off since!

Saturday afternoon we bought tickets for the “Taste of Tuscany Tour.” It was a tour that had great reviews on Trip Advisor and it was a wonderful experience! We visited 2 different towns inside the Tuscan region with about 14 other travelers from all around the world. We endured beautiful, yet an insanely scary car ride from the medieval town of Monteriggioni to a winery in the Chianti region to the quaint town of Siena. We stopped at each city, learned a little bit about the history and were free to explore! We ended our tour with a home cooked meal by an Italian named Johnny. It was incredible! It might have been the best pasta I have had on this trip 🙂

Our final day in Florence was spent visiting the David. It is mind-blowing to me that Michelangelo carved the David sculpture from ONE piece of marble. Seriously amazing. Afterwards we climbed to the top of the Duomo (one of the most important churches in Florence) where I have about a hundred photos overlooking the whole city! We spent the rest of the day wandering the city, enjoying the food, and seeing all of the main attractions Florence had to offer.

Side Note: Session 1 of my summer abroad has officially ended! I cannot believe 5 weeks flew by so fast! I am so grateful to have met so many amazing people from all over the world and have had the opportunity to travel and grow with them these past weeks. I will miss my Session 1 family so much, but like everything else in life, it’s not a goodbye, it’s an ”I’ll see you later.” (A trip to Las Vegas is already in the works! J) Tomorrow morning I leave for 5 days in Ireland with my close friend, and roommate Nicole for a weeklong adventure. Ariverdeci 🙂

IMG_2503{Views of Florence from the bell tower!}IMG_2337{The front of the Florence Cathedral}IMG_2348{Exploring the medieval town of Monteriggioni} IMG_2383{Chianti Classico}IMG_2362{Barrels on Barrels on Barrels!}IMG_2389{Welcome to Siena!}IMG_2410{Siena has a flag for everything- births, deaths, regions,  you name it}IMG_2433{Dinner at Johnny’s}{Side note: Johnny also makes homemade Limoncello!}IMG_2442{Still dreaming of this mountain of spaghetti}IMG_2463{The infamous David!}IMG_5411{Don’t let the signs fool you- selfies with David are totally allowed!}IMG_2478{Inside the Galleria dell’Accademia}IMG_2495{Me, Nicole and Kelly}IMG_2542{Ponte Vecchio}IMG_2547{Basilica of Santa Croce}IMG_2534{Pasta for lunch again..  How am I not 500 pounds yet!?}IMG_5489{I don’t think I will ever get tired of Gelato}IMG_2314{Firenze at night}


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