When In Rome

IMG_2083{View from the top of Saint Peter’s Basilica}

My roommates, Melanie, Andrea, and I left for a weekend in Rome on Friday! Lucky for us we flew with Alitalia and arrived in the city within the hour! (I can definitely say I prefer flying to trains- it is SO much faster) Almost immediately after arriving we bought a “Roma Pass” (Thank goodness for Rick Steve’s knowledge) which enabled us two free museum passes, unlimited public transportation, and discounts for thee days! We purchased this at a Tabacci for 34 euros.. Worth the investment!

Our two full days in Rome were spent touring the Vatican, Colosseum, Roman Ruins, Pantheon, Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain (which was sadly covered under scaffolding) and all of the other main attractions in the city- WE EVEN SAW THE POPE! Our goal for the trip was to chug a bottle of Prosecco at every historical monument we went to! It added to the fun of the whole weekend! 🙂

My favorite moment of my trip was climbing up 551 stairs to the top of the Saint Peter’s Basilica Cupola (Dome)! The stairs were so steep and the staircases leading you up to the top we narrow and claustrophobic. But we completed the climb to the top soon enough and enjoyed amazing 360-degree views of Rome, St. Peter’s Square and the Vatican Gardens! It was spectacular and if you are visiting Rome I highly suggest you do this!

Sunday evening, we met my roommate Andrea’s cousin Paola and his wife (who live in Rome) for dinner. They taught us all about traditional roman cuisine and what life was like living in Italy’s capital. We tried fried anchovies, goat intestines and fried tuna balls for the Antipasti. Surprisingly enough I enjoyed all of the starters a lot- all besides the goat intestines! It was a wonderful weekend getaway but once again I am happy to be back in Torino. I couldn’t imagine studying abroad in Rome because it is overflowing with tourists all the time! This is just another reason why I am so happy I went through USAC for studying abroad. They set you up in non-touristy locations so you get a more authentic cultural experience.

If you are interested in studying abroad I would highly recommend looking at some of USAC’s programs here: Ciao Ciao 🙂

IMG_4774{Chugging Prosecco at The Pantheon}IMG_1966{The line to get into the Vatican that we skipped!}IMG_1967{Touring the 4-mile long Vatican Museum}IMG_2005{Touring the Vatican} IMG_4859{So illegal.. The Sistine Chapel}IMG_2043{St. Peters Square}IMG_2050{St. Peter’s Basilica with my roommates: Melanie and Andrea}IMG_2052{Saint Peter’s Basilica Cupola}IMG_2053{Saint Peter’s Square}IMG_2077{Inside the Cupola}IMG_2074{Inside Saint Peter’s Basilica}IMG_2092{But first.. Let me take a selfie! }IMG_4912{And finally at the Roman Colosseum}IMG_4899{The Colosseum is gorgeous lit up at night!}
IMG_2119{Me, Andrea, & Melanie}IMG_2164{It’s the freaking Pope!!!!}IMG_5004{Selfie with Pope Francis himself!}IMG_4932{Delicious Capricolla Pizza}IMG_4978{Touring the Roman Colosseum}IMG_2208{Touring the Roman Colosseum}
IMG_2215{Touring the Roman Colosseum}IMG_2192{I like to think this is where they kept the lions- haha}IMG_4974{Touring the Roman Colosseum}IMG_2242{Beginning our tour through the Roman Ruins and Palatine Hill}IMG_2250{Palatine Hill}IMG_2258{Palatine Hill}IMG_2266{Palatine Hill}IMG_2273{Roman Ruins}IMG_2274{Roman Ruins}IMG_2292{Vittorio Emanuel II Monument}


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