Hiking The Cinque Terre

IMG_4419{Cinque Terre}

Saturday morning we woke up early to hike the infamous Cinque Terre! We purchased a 1-day “Cinque Terre” National Park card (10 Euros) at the Levanto train station, which enabled us to take an unlimited amount of train journeys along the stretch of the Cinque Terre for 24 hours. The card also gave us access to the hiking trails connecting each of the towns. Only one of the four trails was open, so we started at the last village Riomaggiore and worked our way backwards taking the train to each of the villages. We visited all 5 of the villages: Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza, and Monterosso. From Vernazza we hiked to Monterosso. The trail was steep with hundreds of stairs, and the weather was abnormally hot and humid. It was a struggle but an hour and a half later, the 8 of us finally made it! The hike was my favorite part of the weekend. When we finally reached Monterosso we got drinks and pizza, checked out the shops, and laid on the beach looking for sea glass. I have never felt so surrounded by beauty before.

It was a wonderful day with an awesome  group of girls. When we were sitting on the beach it started to rain, and then it started to pour and then it started to thunder and lightening! We found refuge in a restaurant close by, where we ate another delicious sea food meal. Afterwards we were forced to sprint in the pouring rain to catch our train- meanwhile almost getting hit by a car and twerking on various buildings we finally reached our home in Levanto at Midnight. It was a night to remember and a day I will never forget.

All 5 of the towns of the Cinque Terre were so picturesque and perfect. I think it has been my favorite place I have visited so far. One day when I come back to vacation in Italy, I hope to visit the Cinque Terre again and hike all 5 of the trails!

CIAO. xoxo

IMG_4226{1-day Cinque Terre National Park card}IMG_1896{I wouldn’t mind living in that red house..}IMG_1898{The perfect fisherman’s village}IMG_4517{Adventuring in Riomaggiore}IMG_4232{Manarola}IMG_1931{Perspective}IMG_1927{Posin’ with Manarola}
IMG_1944{The Group! Melissa, Kelly, Lauren, Lauren, Erica, Nicole, Me, Bree}IMG_4254{Vernazza}IMG_4265{Our journey began here!}IMG_4272{Vernazza- even more perfect in person}IMG_4278{L O V E}IMG_4280{Taking a pit stop}IMG_4292{Views from our hike}IMG_4304{Ciao Monterossa!}10402884_10204153816790108_1371057990937841811_n{We made it!}IMG_4311{The private beaches here look so dreamy}
IMG_4314{Well deserved pizza snack}IMG_4317{Wedding in Monterossa}IMG_4325{The calm before the storm}IMG_4335{Searching for sea glass}


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