Italian Riveria Part 2


The next morning we took a boat to Portofino. Portofino is another gorgeous little ocean town, which is one of the most exclusive harbors for the elite and VIP of Italy. The harbor was filled with insanely huge yachts and sailboats. I was determined to find a way to get onto the Mary Jean- the huge yacht in the harbor! (sadly that did not happen). We hiked up to a local castle named San Giorgio (in sandals might I add), where we enjoyed a breathtaking view of the harbor and surrounding area. Afterwards we shopped around at all of the touristy shops and ate a gelato snack, which was the perfect way to cool off from a hot day.

We took the boat back to Santa Margherita, grabbed our backpacks, and caught a train from Santa Margherita to Levanto. Levanto is a small beach town (which reminded me a lot of Capitola in Santa Cruz) located before the first village of the Cinque Terre. Nine of us girls shared an apartment right in the center of the city! ( is seriously amazing) The apartment was spacious, modern and it had everything we needed. It was also was only 3 blocks from the beach which was perfect! We spent  the rest of the day relaxing on the beach and swimming until dinner time.  For dinner we ate at a delicious sea food restaurant a block away from our apartment. We all ordered wine and cheersed to a good night! We walked back to the beach afterwards and met some local Italians who were playing American music. However I decided to adventure off and tried to take a selfie with Nicole on a life guard tower and my hand literally got hooked on a fishing hook. I tried to rip it out but that wasn’t working so Nicole luckily found a life guard and he helped me out or in my more dramatic words of the night “saved my life” haha. #selfiecasualities

IMG_1780{Hike up to the Castello San Giorgio}IMG_1766{breathtaking view of the harbor}IMG_1779{Embracing my inner ballerina around the cliffside}IMG_1785{1 of Dolce and Gabanna’s 3 mansions in Portofino!}IMG_4169{holy yachts!}IMG_1783{We finally made it!}{Yacht Club}IMG_1757{my favorite part of the city was the colorful buildings!}{Wishing I would have brought a bathing suit..}{Marina of Portofino}IMG_1760{Gorgeous harbor and buildings all around}IMG_1852{The boat we took from Santa Margherita to Portofino}IMG_1840{Me and my roommates for the weekend: Nicole and Lauren}IMG_1866{Hopping on the train from Santa Margherita to Levanto}


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