Walk Like An Egyptian

10382768_10204109889931249_8053886526893042627_n{Visiting the Egyptian Museum Torino }

This past weekend weekend, a group of us decided to stay in Torino since our next 4 weekends here are booked solid with trips! We decided to spend our day visiting a couple of museums. Our first stop was the Museo Egizio Di Torino (The Egyptian Museum of Torino). It is the second largest Egyptian museum in the world! It had three different exhibits we could explore. The three exhibits consisted of a large collection of artifacts founded by the Museums’ excavators in the early 1900’s. The first exhibit we toured was “The Arts and Knowledge of the Ancients Egyptians.” We walked through the assorted displays where they showcased various Egyptian sculptures, tablets, artwork, and daily-life items like bowls and sandals. There was even a pair of kneecaps on display (EW).

At the end of the first exhibit, we walked down a hallway and found mummy’s on display!! It was so cool! (If you are into mummified dead people I mean). One of the Mummy’s still had hair on his head! It was crazy to think that this little guy’s body has been perfectly preserved for century’s long. Next, we headed up a flight of stairs to the  “Development of Funerary Equipment’s” room. This area was filled with tombs and items that were found at the burial sights when they were excavated. I loved taking the time to read and learn about each piece. We finished up the second exhibit, and walked past another room which lead us to the ground floor and we ended our tour at the last exhibits: The “Statuario”. The Statuario was a giant room full with life sized statues.. Like the kind you would find in a royal palace! It was my favorite exhibit to explore of the day.

Next, we walked to the National Cinema Museum of Torino, which was amazing! The museum is located inside the Mole Antonelliana, which can be seen for miles and miles wherever you are in Torino. The Cinema Museum had a vast collection of old cameras, screenplays, pictures and movie props. The set up of the museum was amazing, just when we thought the tour was done and then we walked in a huge room three stories tall of more exhibits to look at. The museum was also hosting a “Best Actress” exhibition which was filled with  pictures and short bios of each academy award winning actress since 1929!  They even had Oscar dresses on display- like Julia Roberts black Valentino gown. AHH it so gorgeous!

Afterwards, we waited in line to take a ride on the panoramic lift, which gives you a bird’s eye view of Torino! The glass lift took us up 85 meters high to the top of the Mole. At the top you get to experience spectacular 360-degree views of the city. It was a clear day so we could even see the Swiss Alps in the distance! We could see the city go on for mile and miles, complete with red roofed buildings, piazzas and parks. This experience has made me fall in love with Torino even more. ❤

IMG_3806{Museo Egizio Di Torino}IMG_3818{Ancient Egyptian Sculpture Art}IMG_3827{This guy was my favorite!} IMG_3846{Gold burial tomb}
IMG_3859{The Statuario}10336683_10204109888251207_4654543570620609549_n{Me, Anna, Lauren, Amanda, & Aimee}IMG_3881{Julia Robert’s Valentino Gown!!}IMG_3887{Original sketch of Cate Blanchett’s Armani Prive Oscar gown}IMG_3917{Love this photograph of Audrey Hepurn} 10372776_10204109943932599_3386566181783124617_n{Top of the Mole Antonelliana}IMG_3947{360 degree views of the city}


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