IMG_3439{Welcome to Venice, Italy}

4:54am.  It’s early, I am awake, and on a slow train to Venice. The struggle is real. Sunday morning my roommates and I awoke at 4 a.m. and walked to the Porta Nuova Train station to catch the early train to Venice. Lucky for us the Metro isn’t even open that early so we had to walk 30 minutes in the rain to catch our train, it is all part of the adventure right?? Anyways we caught our connecting train in Milan at 7:05 a.m. and arrived in Venice at 9:40 a.m. That gave us just enough time to wander around the island and get lost! That happened a lot on this trip, but I didn’t mind getting lost in a place as beautiful as Venice.

After about an hour of wandering around we found our hotel: The Hotel Alla Salute (which I would highly recommend if you are backpacking) and were given the rest of afternoon to explore! We wandered the streets of Venice and saw all the touristy stuff, like Piazza San Marco, The Bridge of Sighs, the Grand Canal, and the colorful buildings that lined the waterways. I guess you could say, Venice stole my heart ❤

About ten students from USAC stayed at the Hotel Alla Salute, so we all made dinner plans Sunday night and ate at a restaurant called Spaghetteria. We had a wonderful time! We ordered delicious dishes, drank wine and got to know each other a little more. After dinner we found a liquor store, bought more wine, found a pier, and spent the rest of the night talking and being spontaneous. It was probably one of my favorite nights in Italy!

The next day we got up, enjoyed breakfast at the hotel and took a WaterBus to an island called Murano. Murano is famous for glass making and they have hundreds of little shops selling the prettiest glass blown items. We stumbled upon a glass factory that offered free tours, so we  took a tour and were able to watch a craftsman hand construct glass vases and explore their gallery afterwards. We all bought up little trinkets for our friends and family and took the WaterBus back to San Marcos Square where we would take a tour of inside St. Mark’s Basilica.*Funny/embarrassing story about that- my dress was too short for “church standards” so they made me tie a cloth round my waist to cover my legs. So humiliating.

After our tour we ran back to our hotel to catch the 4:00 p.m. train back to Torino. In Italy there are two different trains: the fast train and the slow train. Well we took the slow train on the way home and stopped every 20 minutes at every stop along the way! We were getting so restless. We finally arrived back in Torino at 10:10. Venice was so gorgeous and we all had a wonderful time but I think we were all happy to be back in Torino. There are hardly any tourists or crowds here in comparison with Venice. Which makes me incredibly thankful to live here. Ciao for now!

 10446348_10204053546123404_3762092872546638581_n {Getting lost on our way to our hotel}IMG_3503{Colorful buildings that lined the street to our hotel}IMG_3505{Hotel Alla Salute}IMG_3461{Beauty around every corner}IMG_3578{The Bridge of Sighs}IMG_3540{How could anyone not fall in love with this city?!}IMG_3543{When in Venice, take Celfies with the Grand Canal}1912484_10204053697327184_687747247740692465_n{Our group waiting for the WaterBus}
IMG_3561{Murano glass blowing gallery}IMG_3590{Saint Mark’s Basilica}
IMG_3592{Being slut-shammed at St. Mark’s Basilica- sorry mom & dad}


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