Piedmont Countryside

{Strolling through the streets of Alba}

On Saturday our USAC advisors organized a field trip for us to the Piedmont Countryside! We arrived at SAA (our university) at 9:15 a.m. and took a charter bus to a quaint town called Alba. Alba is a medieval town located about an hour away from Torino. When we arrived we had the opportunity to walk through the crowded streets, which were filled with charming cafes (or bars as they call them here), pastry shops, and street venders. Our advisors lead us to the center of the village and guided us on a quick tour of the Cathedral of San Lorenzo. The church was beautiful! The ceilings were painted blue and gold and the back of the church had amazing stained glass windows that lit up the whole room. After our tour, we strolled down the various streets and admired the beautyof this little town. (Fun Fact about Alba- Nutella was founded and is made there! How cool is that?!)

After leaving Alba, we traveled to the countryside where we ate lunch at La Salinera- a family owned restaurant that I highly recommend! It was the best meal I have had in Italy so far. They served us a delicious four-course meal with red and white wine pairings that complimented our different courses. Yum! I am still dreaming of the spaghetti they served us!

Following our meal we hiked up the road to the Grinzane Cavour Castle, located in one of the most picturesque locations in the Lange hills-which is famous for their red wines and white truffles! Our group was taken on a guided tour of the castle where we learned all about history of the Piedmont Region- which is known for their Barolo, Barbesco, and Dolcetto wines! At the end of our tour we were able to purchase wine and take pictures with the scenic landscapes of the countryside. Another fantastic day down in Italy. Like I have said before.. The days keep getting better and better! Arrivederci!

IMG_3203{Cathedral of San Lorenzo}{Side note: Something nobody tells you about Italy is that it rains ALL the time here, one moment it is sunny, the next moment a rain cloud looms over the city and there is a torrential downpour for a good 10 minutes. I finally broke down and bought an umbrella even though it is technically summer, the struggle!}IMG_3273{La Salinera}IMG_3290{The most delicious spaghetti!}IMG_3298{Expresso}IMG_3318{Grinzane Cavour Castle}IMG_3324{Picturesque landscapes}
IMG_3356{Barbera.. my favorite!}
IMG_3372{The Lange hills}IMG_3387



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