Cappuccinos & Open Markets


Buongiorno! My roommates and I didn’t have any classes today! Yippee! We decided to spend our day sleeping in (we are still fighting off the jet lag), getting cappuccinos and going to an open market Called Porta Pallaza. For breakfast, we went to this adorable little café right by our apartment called Il Cortile. We drank cappuccinos, ate pumpkin muffins and enjoyed the free wifi 😉 After our breakfast we hopped on the Metro and headed to downtown where the market is held. Porta Pallaza is the largest open market in Europe and it is just two train spots away from our apartment! We arrived (after getting a little lost) and were overwhelmed with the amount of stands selling everything from fruit, to stolen bicycles, to knockoff Prada bags. We decided to stock up on fruits and vegetables since they are a lot cheaper at the open markets than the grocery stores here. I bought avocados, tomatoes, oranges, and nectarines J all of that for only 3 Euro! It was a steal. After the market we lounged around at home for a while, drank wine, went a gelato shop and walked around a park close to our apartment called Valentino Park. The park is filled with beautiful trees, castles, and is located right on the Po River. {Cappuccinos are cheaper than water here!}IMG_3090 {A colorful stand of fruit at Porta Pallazza}IMG_3112{Cookies and Cream and Dark Chocolate Gelato: HEAVEN} IMG_3129{The Po River}IMG_3114{Il Castello del Valentino}IMG_3130


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