Moving Into Midtown

IMG_2677{Moving into Midtown!}

Saturday my roommates and I moved into our apartment! I live with three other girls- one I knew from school, Nicole :), and two others I had met on the group flight, Melanie and Andrea! We spent all day Saturday unpacking and wandering around our neighborhood. We live on a cute street in Midtown Torino, where we live by various cafes, gelato shops and restaurants. We discovered Birra Moretti our first night and we met the restaurant owner Beppe! Apparently he loves Americans, USAC, and Chico State students!! He gave us the royal treatment. He brought out appetizers, bottles of wine and Limonchello. He even brought out his guitar and serenaded us with Hey Jude and Californication in his broken English. After dinner we went back to our apartment to change and we headed downtown to check out the Italian nightlife! It was a great first day in Torino! And the days have only been getting better and better! 🙂

IMG_2667{Me and Nicole’s Bedroom}

IMG_2671 {Kitchen}

IMG_2810{Wine at  Birra Moretti}

IMG_2856{Beppe even let us use his computer for Wifi!}

IMG_2814{My Roommates: Andrea, Nicole, And Melanie}




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