Exploring The Piazzas


{Zeus welcoming you into the Piazza San Carlos}

Sunday Morning we woke up early and went to the Cattedrale Di Torino to see the Turin Shroude on display. The Shroude is the burial cloth in which Jesus was wrapped in after he was taken down from the cross. The display at the Cattedrale was so beautiful and I am very lucky I got to see it in person and learn more about the history of this artifact. The Cattedrale Di Torino is located in the downtown area so after we explored the Piazza Castello and Piazza San Carlos (the two main squares in the city). Both Piazza’s are filled with statues, beautiful architecture, churches, shops and restaurants. We grabbed some Geltato and sat on a ledge of the old Parliament building and people watched.

IMG_2754{Cattedrale Di Torino}

IMG_2840{People Watching}

IMG_3095{The old Parliament building}IMG_2631{The church for the “rich” Piazza San Carlos}IMG_2772{Exploring Downtown}


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